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Finding buried plastic gas pipes can be a time-consuming task, sometimes requiring digging many fruitless holes. The Gas Tracker II system from the MADE-SA company ensures that holes are only dug once the pipe's position is known, saving much time and money. The system is recognised as the best tool for the job throughout the world, and the latest version includes consderable improvements in performance, user interface and reliability.

The system works by pulsing a precise acoustic signal which travels along the pipe in the gas, typically, but not always, from a customer connection, and this signal is then detected on the ground above the buried plastic pipe. The pipe can be traced easily even in noisy urban environments. It is simple to use, with a minimum of training, and can be operated by one man. A plastic pipe can be located even if the signal has passed through a length of metal pipe, such as a metal service, on it’s way from the transmitter. Whilst the location is best under a tarmac surface, there are techniques for locating the pipe under soft ground also.

The Gas Tracker II is more powerful, robust, waterproof and user-friendly than the original. It is also GPS compatible to enable quickly establishing or updating records.

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Using Gas Tracker on Soft Ground
Gas Tracker II Receiver


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