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MO 200/300 & MIC 200/300

The NEW MO 200 digital Micro-Ohmmeter has a measurement range of 1 micro Ohms to 5 Ohms, and can provide 200 or 300 amps DC for 5 mins. It has Remote Controller and Printer options, and also an optional current clamp to enable measurement of the resistance of a breaker with both sides earthed. the MO 200 weighs only 9 kg. , and the MO 300 version gives 300 amps for just 10 kg.

The MIC 200 DC Curent Generator version of this instrument can ramp-up the ripple-free current to a preset value up to 200/300 Amps for testing direct current relays, commonly found on Railway networks. It weighs only 9 kg, and the MIC 300 version gives up to 300 Amps from only 10 kg.

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CP1-N 1 & CP4 TR

The CP1 - N is a Two Channel Chronometer for general timing measurements of contacts or their effects. it can time two events and has a programmable output contact with a pulse mode. It is easy to use and has an optional inbuilt printer.

The CP 4 TR digital chronometer has inputs for timing four sets of contacts and is controlled by a simple menu on a digital display. An in-built printer gives an immediate report, and the results can also be transferred to a PC. There are also 12 & 16 channel versions for testing breakers with multiple chambers in each phase.

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Visubat is a Portable (8 kg) lead-acid battery test set which is very easy to use with only two cables to connect. The ability to test a bank of batteries without disconnecting them is a valuable advantage in a protection circuit environment as the protection function is not interrupted. The included software creates and maintains a battery database with a graphic presentation of trends, and automatically prepares reports.

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COTEL Battery Load Unit

The COTEL Battery Load Unit is used for checking the capacity of storage batteries by discharging them at a constant current to the point where they are considered discharged, and measuring the ampere-hours delivered. Normally used for verifying the capacity of in-service batteries, it can also be used to “run-in” new batteries or those which have been our of service for some time.

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more detailed information on individual models can be found in the Cotel Catalogue or on the COTEL web site www.cotel.fr


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