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The multi- function JUPITER + system replaces two or more systems that are typically used in Electrical Network Management. Confirming the end-to-end continuity of a cable and it's cores, identifying the cable among others in a trench, checking that the correct cable has been cut, which cut end is which, and identifying its cores afterwards are all functions which are available as soon as the transmitter is started. Used on unpowered 3 or 4 core cables, with the loads still connected, it considerably reduces the time necessary to perform these tasks safely. All indications are YES/NO by LEDs, and so no operator interpretation is necessary.

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The LCI-400, an update of our popular NADIR, is used for identifying a live LV cable and the cores in it. A transmitter connected downstream draws a complex current signal from the substation down the required cable, and the receiver with a sensor is used to identify this cable anywhere up to and including the substation. It can be connected phase-to-phase or phase-to-neutral and a Rogowski coil sensor is used to identify phases once the cable has been found. Importantly, the system will avoid opening an HV cable in error. The instrument also shows the phase rotation

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m.PAD is used for identifying the Phases and Feeders to which customers are connected on an LV network. Information is communicated between the customer connection and the sub-station down the feeder, avoiding the need for a radio link. Thus the receiver connected at a customer connection shows the Phase and Feeder at each connection. All indications are unambiguous on digital displays and there is no operator interpretation required.

PHAZ-ID is a simple Live LV Phase Identifier, communicating via the feeders to avoid radio and GPS problems. It is light-weight, easy-to-use and inexpensive.

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