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ABM 40

DuctRunner & ABM

The heart of all the instruments designed and manufactured by REDUCT is an OMU (Orientation Measurement Unit) which contains Accelerometers and Rate Gyros to detect all movements of the instrument. These sensors are seconded by two odometers to improve the accuracy of length measurements. The device measures accelerations, rotations and distance as it is pulled or pushed along the pipe, and these measurements accurately determine the pipe layout in plan and depth. The data acquired is stored on board and then transferred to the computer once the instrument is withdrawn from the pipe. The application-specific software determines and then presents the layout of the pipeline with great precision.
The original device is called the DuctRunner DR-4, which can measure any type of pipe of greater than 80 mm. of internal diameter and any length. Another device is the ABM–90, which is similar in form and performance but is limited to lengths of 300 meters, and available at a lower price.
For pipes from 40 to 75 mm. of internal diameter, we offer the DuctRunner 2 for unlimited lengths, and the ABM-40 (image on the left), similar in form and performance to the DR-2 but limited to lengths of 300 meters, also available at a lower price.
NEW Reduct product is the ABM-30, which is similar to the ABM - 40 but intended for DN 40 pipes with internal diameters from 29 to 34 mm. and lengths up to 300 meters

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DuctRunner with Centering Wheels
DuctRunner in Position
ABM with Invert Wheels
Plan Prepared with DuctRunner Measurements


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