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MG 30-N

The MG 30-N is an extremely light and compact current and voltage injection set which can output either 125 Amps or 250V ac. Very small, and weighing only 9 Kg, it is easily carried around. The digital module, with a bright display, is incorporated, and coupled with the optional external reading ammeter, enables the checking of the function, turns ratio, phase change and sense of Current Transformers . This option also includes a voltmeter. The instrument records the test results for transfer to a PC.

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The AL DC-HV Portable HV generator is a lightweight source of DC power for use in the field. Download

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MCF 750

The MCF 750 is a ligthweight and compact primary injection set which can provide up to 1300 Amps and 2500 VA. The instrument is suited to the testing of Circuit Breakers, Voltage Relays, Auto-Reclosers and especially Current Transformers. The AC current generator can also be used as a voltage generator up to 250V. The instrument records the test results for transfer to a PC.

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VE 1200 N & VE 2000 N

The VE 1200 N and VE 2000 N are rugged and powerful primary current injection sets which can provide up to 2000 Amps/ 3000 VA and 4000 Amps/6000 VA respectively. They are especially suited for testing current transformer primary coils, transformer ratios, bushings and maximum current levels. The instruments can record test results for transfer to a PC.

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AC/DC Test Sets

The MEBOD-SCH is a NEW rugged and powerful injection set which is used for testing the coils and motors of cicuit breakers and many other applications. Capable of injecting up to 480 Vac or 230 Vdc, it has a large graphic display and a built-in timer.

The VE 300 AC/DC is a smaller set particularly suitable for testing Raillway systems . There are outputs of up to 1000 Amps and 400 volts AC, as well as 220 Amps DC. Both sets have a digital control module records the test results for transfer to a PC for archiving and printing.

The MG 40-N MKII is a new instrument which can give up to 300 A. It has great versatility as it can be switched to Current Limit Mode with ranges suitable for testing Self Powered Relays. There are versions for testing CT's and powering relays under test

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more detailed information on individual models can be found in the Cotel Catalogue or on the COTEL web site www.cotel.fr


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