Protection Relay Testing

HEXAN II is a three-phase test set that can be operated from a PC or from a hand-held console. Being a modular system, it can be configured from the start to suit individual users, and be later upgraded and updated. The Hexan's versatility means that it can test and calibrate both Electronic and Electromagnetic relays. All the usual test and calibration functions are easily available, and the associated Manusoft PC software is exceptionally user-friendly. HEXAN II uses the latest technologies to combine a power of up to 300 V & 25 amps per phase (175 VA) in a small package weighing only 13kg. The NEW G59 version is tailored to G59 work but has many other applications.

HEXAN C has the same functionality in a larger, lower-cost version which incorporates the manual control console in the front face. It can be operated either with this console or from a PC.


Hexan II Brochure

Hexan IIVG59 Brochure

Hexan C Brochure

Hexan Manual

Test-Set Software Brochure

Test Software - English  (Requires Password)   Manusoft Manual

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POWHEX is a slightly bigger three-phase system which combines the same flexibility of use and modularity with the power to inject up to 50 Amps per phase, or 150 amps single phase.


Powhex Brochure

Test-Set Software  Brochure

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SMARTCASE is a good compromise between digital and analogue technologies and ideal for stand-alone field testing of most relays. With 250 Aac, 300 Vac and 330 Vdc it is a powerful single phase tool weighing only 18 kg. The main current amplifier is seconded by a voltage amplifier which is variable in phase from the main amplifier.

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The PH 2-N Digitel Phase Meter is used for testing Directional Protection relays and many other applications. It's USB connection has an Active X package for real-time data transfer and analysis.

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 more detailed information on individual models can be found in the Cotel Catalogue or on the COTEL web site

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