Pole mounted MVB


The MAC - TS4 from Vacuum Interrupteurs Inc. is a unique instrument for  testing a vacuum breaker bottle "in situ" to measure the level of the vacuum  and determine the remaining life of the bottle.

Download MAC-TS4 Brochure

The MAGTECH MVB Dynamic Voltage Booster is installed in an LV feeder to correct for voltage drops and fluctuations down the feeder. It also balances the load evenly over the three phases and improves the response to single-phase short circuits. The rapid response of the MVB means that its operation is completely transparent to the consumers. The MVB applies a patented variable inductance coupling technique and has no moving parts and thus has a long and maintenance-free life, and can be installed without disconnecting the consumers. As it configures itself automatically to the installation, the same system can be used successively in different locations according to the evolution of the network.

The MPV Voltage Stabilser uses the same technology as the MVB to combat any problems due to embedded generation, particularly Photo-Voltaic. As the PV tends to raise the voltage long the feeder, the MPV compensates for this to avoid over-voltage upstream. Installed remotely from the substation, it gives better optimisation of the PV installation.


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The TesTransfo2 by MADE-SA is a simple, safe hand-held instrument for checking the functionality and ratio of any (disconnected) distribution transformer anywhere. A few minutes suffice to carry out the test of which a written report can be produced.


TesTransfo2 Brochure

TesTransfo Presentation


Documents on the MVB can be downloaded from the list, and further information can be found on the MAGTECH web site www.magtech.no

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