Power And Power Quality Measurement

MULTI-FLEX is a simple hand-held instrument for working Live LV which measures AC Voltage and Current, and displays Voltage, Current, Power and Power Factor. The latest version also has a Continuity Test  function to verify circuit continuity and earthing. It has a wrist-strap to leave both hands free for the probes and uses a slim Rogowski coil pick up for the current measurement so that it can be used in any situation including confined spaces.


Multiflex Brochure

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The TRIDENT range of Power Quality analysers are very easy to use recorders for recording and analysing the detailed behaviour of the voltages, currents and power flows in a one or three phase LV network. There are versions both with and without displays, and also a weatherproof version. 


Trident Brochure

Wintrid Software

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The QUADRENT Power Quality recorder/analyser is an easy to use instrument for recording and analysing the behaviour in detail of the voltages, currents and power flows in a single or three-phase LV network. The Power Quality analysis to EN50160 includes slow fluctuations, dips, swells, short & long interruptions, frequency deviations, flicker and Harmonics and Inter-Harmonics up to the 51.5 level. The recorder is configured for a measurement program using a PC via a USB connection. In operation it is powered from the voltage connections and LEDs confirm the system status. Real time measurements can be displayed on a PC. The data obtained is transferred to the PC and the easy to use software is used for analysis and correlation of the measurements and preparation of a written report.

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A version of the same system is availablle in a robust carrying case as the Alptec 2333b

Download the Alptec 2333b brochure


More information on individual models can be found on the MADE-SA web site www.made-sa.com 

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